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2013 / ECAL x Le Musée Olympique

Olympic museum

« Race » is a game with inclined sides which leads the athletes into a racetrack. It incorporates the aspects and values of all sports and the Olympic Games namely the notions of challenge and performance.

Race est un jeu aux pans inclinés entraînant des athlètes dans une course.
Il reprend des aspects et valeurs du sport et des Jeux Olympiques comme les notions de challenge et de performance.

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Mémoire Sonore


« Mémoire sonore » is a digital audio recorder.
In the same manner as an urn, it keeps a record and creates a sound memory.
The playback of this recording pays tribute to the memory of the deceased person.

Mémoire sonore est un enregistreur numérique.
Tout comme une urne, il conserve un enregistrement et matérialise un souvenir sonore.
Par ses fonctions de lecture et d’enregistrements l’objet rend mémoire à un être défunt.

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2012 / ECAL x Workshop Francesca Sarti

with G.Chéhab x F.Pellegrin x G.Capt

photos : Nicolas Genta


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Shell With A View

2012 / ECAL x Villa le Lac x Le Corbusier


photos : Nicolas Genta

« A successful exemple of formal intégration is, whithout question, the beautiful set of shelves conceived by BLP wich is built into the partition wall between the bedroom and the bathroom.

With this other side surfaces painted in the colours of the walls and the skirting board – wich makes them pratically  invisible – it constitutes the architectural  contribution by excellence to this project.

In addition to offering a storage space that is welcome in this quite Small bathroom (about wich Le Corbusier’s mother used to say, while looking out the window, that it was the biggest bathroom in the world !) A SHELF WITH A VIEW, with it’s trapezoidal cross section, offers amagnificient opening onto Lake Léman »

P. Moser / Conservator of Villa Le Lac